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Before the speeches began, Jaylene told the Guardian it was too hard for her to speak publicly. “I can’t even say my brother’s name at a protest, because it hurts,” she said. “I snap into reality every time I say his name out loud.”

Among residents, the station is also known for a group of officers that has been nicknamed “the Jump Out Boys”. The deputies have a reputation for driving around with their doors partially open so they can jump out at any moment to confront people on the street.

The role the facility plays here in Cumbria is changing, too. With the recent collapse of plans to build a new nuclear power station in the field next door, Sellafield is a vital source of decent, high-paying jobs for the area. One anecdote shared – perhaps apocryphal – is of a local lawyer taking a job in the Sellafield laundry because it was better paid.

Of all the bonnie, bony possibilities on the butcher’s counter – the osso buco and the neck of lamb, the shanks and the trotters – it is oxtail that needs the slowest cooking. Once browned in hot fat, you need to lead an oxtail along the slow road to tenderness in a slow oven, the bones wallowing in stock or wine, and with robust aromatics. Thyme, bay leaves, a head of garlic. Rosemary perhaps. It is not a dish that needs updating, but a curious cook can tweak the details. I gave mine a soft smoky note with a whole head of golden-skinned smoked garlic.

Building B30 is a large, stained, concrete edifice that stands at the centre of Sellafield, Britain’s sprawling nuclear processing plant in Cumbria. Surrounded by a three-metre-high fence that is topped with razor wire, encased in scaffolding and riddled with a maze of sagging pipes and cabling, it would never be a contender to win an architectural prize.

Mashed swede and potatoes with rosemary and olive oil Facebook Twitter Pinterest Golden brown: potatoes with rosemary and olive oil, and neeps. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The ObserverUnlike carrots, potatoes and turnips, you can’t get away with not peeling a swede.

This is the final shear at Sellafield’s thermal oxide reprocessing plant (Thorp), which has halted operations after 24 years it has spent reprocessing more than 9,000 tonnes of fuel from nuclear plants in the UK, Germany and Japan.

Sato’s Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing teammate, Graham Rahal, came in third. Team owners David Letterman and Graham’s father, Bobby Rahal, were at the track to congratulate both riders. The new track owner, Roger Penske, was hosting his first Indy 500 without spectators present, although a new lift that carried Sato up to an elevated victory circle did liven up the formalities.

After Jaylene spoke at a rally on 30 October, deputies drove by the memorial site and moved to arrest two of Paul’s friends, according to a lawsuit. As one of them was getting handcuffed, he handed Jaylene a blunt he had been smoking, at which point the deputies detained Jaylene and refused to tell her where they were taking her, the suit said.

Sato denied five-time IndyCar champion Dixon after race officials declined to throw a red flag following a late crash by Spencer Pigot. Fernando Alonso, bidding to complete a “triple crown” having won the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans 24 hour race, could only finish in 21st place.

Dixon was unhappy with the decision, having led for 111 of the total 200 laps. Pigot needed medical attention on the track, and his crash left debris all over the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “Definitely a hard one to swallow for sure,” the New Zealander said. “First time I’ve seen them let it run out like that. I thought they’d throw a red [flag].”

Unlike Nascar, which typically runs two-lap shootouts to the finish when a caution interrupts the ending, descargar loba negra IndyCar rarely follows the same procedure. Sato was instead able to coast around the speedway, with Dixon’s plan to run down his rival as he worked through lapped traffic spoiled by the crash with four laps to go.

The flower suggests an ancient priapic wand, typically associated with springtime fertility rituals. The camera captures the woman’s carefree movements as she merrily smashes the side windows of cars parked on the street with the flower. Passersby smile, as if indulging an innocent child. They include a policewoman, who salutes the perpetrator. Beyoncé later paid homage to the sequence in her video for Hold Up.

Artists often drew in collaborators, adding experimental music and dance to this fledgling genre. All but an assiduous few persevered. By the time the 70s dawned, they were the ones who were defining video art and exploring all it could be. In the half-century since, many great artists have made work in video – without contributing in any fundamental way to video as art. Instead, it was a resolute group who gave the medium its profound relevance. Here are five towering works by those trailblazers.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A young girl sits and watches Ever is Over All in Sydney. Photograph: James D Morgan/Getty ImagesFamed for her upbeat video-sound installations, Pipilotti Rist was born in a small Swiss village called Grabs. She started out making short films and designing stage sets for rock bands, going on to make exuberant, sensual videos that belie her serious questioning of macho posturing. Rist addresses issues of womanhood, especially notions of beauty, makeup, cosmetics and self-adornment.